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Effects of water on molecular and supramolecular structure and mechanical properties of fibrous protein materials

Member of the SPP1420 from 2013 till 2015


The functionality and properties of biological materials is controlled by their hierarchical organization (ranging from the molecular up to macroscopic length scales) and specific environmental conditions (humidity, ionic force, pH, etc.). In this context, fibrous structural proteins (FSPs), such as collagen, silk and keratin show outstanding mechanical performance mainly due to the optimization of their structure and interactions on many levels of hierarchy. It is well known that water plays a crucial role in stabilizing secondary and tertiary structure of FSPs and has huge effect on their final mechanical properties (strength, toughness, elasticity etc.). However, it is not yet understood the mechanism with which water shapes the molecular and supramolecular interactions and how this contributes to the macroscopic material properties. The main goal of this project is to understand the relationship between the level of hydration and biological structure and properties at the molecular and supramolecular scale and correlate these features to the macroscopic performance of FSPs. In order to assess material at various length scales we plan to combine in situ synchrotron X-ray and polarized Raman scattering in controlled environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). To provide reliable quantitative information characterization methods, as well as external stimuli (mechanical and thermal), will be employed in situ and simultaneously. Such a setup will be a first of its kind in Germany. Concepts distilled from this study will provide an unprecedented base to develop a detailed models of the interplay between water and molecular and nanoscopic structures in relation to the mechanical performance. Underlying mechanisms will be eventually incorporated into novel artificial materials pointing to new options for biomimetic and biomedical applications.




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