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Hierarchically structured porous ceramics and composites from nanocasting of plant cell walls

Member of the SPP1420 from 2009 till 2013


The overall goals of this project are the conversion of the entire hierarchical structure of plant tissues into inorganic materials on all hierarchical levels and to explore the newly generated multifunctional properties. During the first funding period, a complete conversion of the hierarchical structure of coniferous wood into silica monoliths with chiral nanoporosity was achieved and comprehensively described. The processing involved delignification, chemical functionalization, the infiltration and condensation of tailored precursor solutions, and finally calcination. Detailed nanostructure characterization was carried out using advanced small angle X-ray scattering. In-situ conversion studies with synchrotron radiation and mechanical testing experiments are currently still in progress. In the second funding period, we will explore the functional properties of these materials based on their unique hierarchical structure with respect to fluid adsorption and -separation capabilities, and we will also investigate their potential use as actuators. The expertise of the new partner at TU München allows to extend the target materials towards alkaline earth metal carbonate systems for thermal- and sound insulation applications. Promising new biological templates will also be explored in cooperation with other SPP groups. One of the requirements for the project is the leading expertise in nanostructure characterization available at MU Leoben in particular with respect to in-situ small angle X-ray scattering and fluid adsorption studies on complex nanoporous materials.




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