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10. Werkstoffkongress 6th/7th November 2013

Next Generation of Materials and Devices from Bioinspiration

Multi-functional materials, smart- or intelligent materials, self-healing- or self-repair are just some of the headwords dominating meanwhile a huge field in Materials Science and Engineering.Interestingly, similar expressions are frequently found also in biological fields such as Zoology or Botany, and also in Medicine. Natural materials and systems have indeed long served as inspiration sources for novel materials and devices.

However, there are still plenty of fascinating structures and mechanisms in nature that may be explored towards their potential for so called bioinspired materials.
The present two-day symposium has two aims.

First, it will provide insight in several promising fields of bioinspired materials research, including functional surfaces and interfaces, photonics, sensorics, actorics, and robotics.
Second, the innovation potential and the marked needs for the transfer of biomimetic principles into novel bioinspired materials and devices will be discussed with delegates from industry.
Keynote lectures will be given by renowned international scientists and by representatives from industry.

For the first time in history of the Werkstoffkongress contributed lectures from participants will be welcome.

The Program Committee hopes to recieve abstracts covering a wide range of interesting and innovation driving research for the Werkstoffkongress 2013, resulting in a comprehensive overview in the field of bioinspired materials and devices.


Keynote Speaker // Vortragende 2013
- Eduard Arzt (INM Saarbrücken)
- Ingo Burgert (ETH Zürich)
- Friedrich Bart (Universität Wien)
- Michael Bartl (University of Utah)
- Wolfgang Gindl (BOKU Wien)
- Roland Naderer (Ferrobotics, Linz)


Program Comittee// Programm Komittee
- Brigitte Kriszt (Montanuniversitaet)
- Oskar Paris (Montanuniversitaet)
- Christian Mitterer (Montanuniversitaet)
- Jozef Keckes (Montanuniversitaet, Erich Schmid Institut of Materials Science, Leoben)
- Joachim Krenn (University of Graz)
- Helga Lichtenegger (University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences/ BOKU Wien)



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