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Summer School 2013

The aim of this summer school is to bring together PhD students, postdocs and senior scientists to discuss experimental, computational and theoretical methods applied within the SPP 1420. Former SPP 1420 members are welcome too.

Organizing Committee

  • Sara Tiburtius (Darmstadt),
  • Rolf Zehbe (Berlin),
  • Julia Huber (Ulm),
  • Filipe Natalio (Mainz),


Location & Programme

We chose four different locations for our summer school. The school starts with the seminar in Darmstadt, June 17th & 18th.
The next workshop will be on July 15th & 16th in Berlin, followed by the event in Ulm on July 25th & 26th and will finish with the course in Mainz, September 26th & 27th.
Download the announcement flyer here. A detailed programme will follow soon.

  • Darmstadt (17th & 18th June)
    Topic: Theoretical & Computational Methods
  • Berlin (15th & 16th July)
    Topic: Research with large scale facilities
    Visit: Otto Bock Science Center Medizintechnik Berlin
  • Ulm (25th & 26th July)
    Topic: Electron Microscopy
    Visit: WiTec - Wissenschaftliche Instrumente und Technologie GmbH
  • Mainz (24th & 25th October)
    Topic: AFM & mechanics of biomaterials




  • contact the organizing members, they can give you infos about suitable hotels in our price range

Travel Costs

  • We are dedicated to compensate travel expenses (accommodation & transportation) for PhD students and postdocs that belong to the SPP 1420.  Claim your expenses with this form
  • Senior researchers are very welcome too but asked to cover travel expenses via their respective institutions.




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