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Bio-inspired Materials

International School and Conference on Biological Materials Science / 20-23 March 2012, Potsdam, Germany.

"Biological materials science is developing rapidly as a new field at the interface between materials science and biology. The reasons are quite diverse: On the one hand, the advances in regenerative medicine generate an ever growing need for new types of biomaterials with specific and well-defined interactions with the biological host-organism. On the other hand, recent advances in materials characterization and fabrication technologies have prompted scientists to ask how one can reformulate the structure of natural materials, taking advantage of the long-tried course of evolution and natural-selection, and utilizing this in bio-inspired designs for engineering applications. This approach leads to new classes of advanced, often hierarchically structured materials, with unusual combinations of properties and capabilities to self-assemble, self repair and/or evolve. Because material properties can be critical for the biological function of molecules, tissues and organs, materials science approaches also contribute to some areas of biology. These different facets constitute the vast and growing field of biological materials science..."


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