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Gender Equality Measures

The SPP 1420 aims at enabling equal opportunities for researchers in different life situations, and at increasing the number of women in academic positions. Different measures are therefore implemented, for which SPP 1420 has financial resources:


A: Family related measures:

Researchers shall be supported to combine their career development with family needs. The measures aim at enabling researchers who care for small children or old/ill family members to participate in SPP 1420 related events, like schools or meetings.

Parents can ask for support for example on the following occasions:

  • You want to bring your child to such an event, and need child care at that location.
  • You want to leave your child at home, but need additional child care, for example in the evenings, or on a weekend.

In these cases,

  1. SPP 1420 would either organize child care at the location of the event
  2. you could try and find child care via “Besser betreut” with whom SPP 1420 has a contract
  3. and/or you can receive financial support for child care within reasonable limits.


  • You cannot attend the meeting/school personally, but you would like to participate via video conference.

In this case,

  1. SPP 1420 can support you by providing the technical requirements at the location of the event

The projects can be supported if a project member is on full-time or part-time parental leave. If any of the above applies to you, or you have other needs that may help you in combining family care necessities with your career development,

please contact Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Fleck –, tel. 030 314 23605

B: Women related measures

While girls and young women are successful in school and university, and more and more women achieve university degrees and even PhDs, the number of women in leading positions is still low.

Women shall therefore be supported by:

  • offering participation in leadership seminars for women, either centrally organized by SPP1420, or
  • organizing and funding regular meetings of women within SPP 1420

If you are interested in one of the above, please contact:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Claudia Fleck –, tel. 030 314 23605

  • supporting mentoring, for example by financial support for meetings between mentor and mentee
  • the mentor can be chosen freely

If you are interested in financial support for mentoring, please apply to the speaker of SPP 1420
Prof. Dr. Peter Fratzl –, tel. 0331 567 9400
stating who the mentor should be.